Each of them will have a different body type, it is one of the important criteria usually one should be aware of. Because the body type will decide their lifestyle and health. It may anything that you want to gain weight or to lose the weight you should know about your body type so that you can effectively perform your task based on your need.

At the same time recognizing the body type is the key factor to reduce your weight and feeling healthy. When it comes to your health, that your body type will give you a clue about the possible risks and the strength. You should know the food for your body shape to maintain the weight and also to lead a healthy life.

Body types

Usually, most people didn’t aware of it and some of the peoples used to ask what should I eat right for my body type? For those peoples here are the tips on what to eat;

body type

Apple-shaped body

The apple-shaped body type peoples will have broad shoulders with smaller hips, legs, and arms. If you people take the heavy foods it will directly move into the stomach so it will carry so much fat around your organs and it creates the possibility of heart diseases, diabetes, and other metabolic syndromes.

What to eat– you can take the less fatty foods like monounsaturated and omega-3 fats that make you feel fuller, leads to less eat and by the way they trim the stomach muscles. Through this, you can reduce the chance of diabetes and heart attacks. These are the best diet for shaped body.

Pear-shaped body

These people will have narrowed shoulders, small waist and they are larger through their hips and thighs. The best thing about these body types is they will have gluteofemoral fat on their hips and thighs that is one of the healthiest ways where you can store the excess amount of fats.

What to eat- take plenty of proteins, leafy greens, along with healthy fats.


Hourglass body types

These types of body types will carry the weight evenly in their upper and lower and they will have the defined waist. Women with these kinds of body types will have well-organized curves.

What to eat– can take a variety of vegetables, celery, almonds, butter, cucumbers, and hummus.

Final thoughts

Finding the body type is very important not only for diet it is essential for even dressing. By taking the foods based on body diet you can lead a healthy lifestyle.